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Andy Phillips on 17th October at MK Property Meet and Special offer


Milton Keynes Property Meet

8th August 2011 – Network with Angela Bryant at MK Property Meet


Milton Keynes Property Meet

Dear Property investors,

Angela Bryant is one of the highly successful and high net worth property investor in UK, she is going to share her inspirational property success story on 8th August at Milton Keynes Property Meet and she is also talking on strategies to “Growing a Portfolio of 100 Properties” and what worked and what didn’t work while she grow her £11 Million portfolio.

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We look forward to see you there,
Suchetha and Sharad

11th July 2011 Networking with Maksoom Hussain and Sue Elkington


Dear All,

Let us meet at MK Property Meet on 11th July to network with fellow property investors and learn from their success stories. This time we have two speakers Maksoom Hussain and Sue Elkington who are very successful property investors but they may not be very famous.

As I know Maksoom and Sue did face every odd that anyone could face in property investment market and finally they were successful due to their determination and persistence. On the way both of them identified their strengths and what they are really good at and mastered that ONE strategy that is making them huge money in property, and both of them are going to share on that ONE strategy they are good at and also they will share their story and experience at MK Property Meet….

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Maksoom is a full time property investor, she has built 7 Million Pound portfolio from scratch and she achieved financial freedom at the age of 38. She has few of Millionaires who are her joint venture partners.

She is going to share her story and her strategy “To Achive Success Through Joint Venture” with us at MK Property Meet on Monday the 11th July 2011. >> Click Here To Book YOUR Seat Now >>

Sue works closely with Maksoom and is also fulltime property investor and financially free. She loves refurbishments and makes fortune for both herself and her joint venture investors from across the country by adding value to run out properties. She is going to sharing with us her strategy at MK Property Meet on Monday the 11th July 2011

We look forward to see you there.
Suchetha and Sharad

13th June Networking With Ian Lawson and David Duckworth


Dear all,

Thanks you very much for your active participation in the role play, and thank you all for your kind words and wonderful feedback.

Also Thanks to Matthew Moody and Peter Hogan for their contribution and valuable content.

Next event is on 13th June with Ian Lawson and David Duckworth, Click here to know more about them >>

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As our focus is completely on Networking and to add value so that we all learn from each other and grow together, we always look for your feed back. Feel free to drop an email if you have free back or suggestions.

Once again Thanks YOU all for your active participation and thanks to the team members who help us to to put it together.

Suchetha and Sharad

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Milton Keynes Property Meet on January 5th

Hello Friends,

Throughout the last year I have been doing research on Below Market Value Properties – known as BMV Properties. I am now establishing a group in the Milton Keynes area for people interested in creating property portfolio and investing in BMV properties.

Initially I was not convinced about the feasibility of BMV property deals, but having seen such deals happening I am now inspired to do the same. I have recently met with several property investors and attended several courses on the subject and one common theme arises: “If you want to do something different then surround yourself with like minded people”

In his best-selling book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, property investment guru Robert Kiyosaki talks about having the right group of people around you as the key for success in property investment. Now, on the 5th January 2011 the Milton Keynes Property Meeting has been arranged to network with other investors, solicitors, mortgage advisors, builders and experts in renovation and support each other in achieving success in BMV properties and create a win-win situation. Register to meet and create your own network of like minded property people. As a group we intend to educate and provide answers to questions such as:

  1. Is no money down possible in today’s market?
  2. Where are interest rates going?
  3. Which negotiation techniques work?
  4. Is Rent To Own a good investment model?
  5. Property prices going up or down?
  6. Can I do Sale & Rent Back deals?
  7. Where Do I Find Joint venture Partners?
  8. How To get started in the current market?
  9. To buy this year or wait until next year?
  10. Using the internet how to find property hotspots?
  11. Who should use Lease Option agreements?
  12. I’ve got £50K, where should I start?

MK Property Meet is organised on 5th January 2011 at which we will be joined by Property expert Mr Vanish Patel who will give insights about BMV properties. This is an opportunity to find out more without having to spend thousands of pounds. It will also grant access to a network with professional investors, solicitors, mortgage brokers and builders who have knowledge about BMV properties.

To register for the event please click here and we will email your ticket

Look forward to see you at Milton Keynes Property Meet

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