Dear All,

Let us meet at MK Property Meet on 11th July to network with fellow property investors and learn from their success stories. This time we have two speakers Maksoom Hussain and Sue Elkington who are very successful property investors but they may not be very famous.

As I know Maksoom and Sue did face every odd that anyone could face in property investment market and finally they were successful due to their determination and persistence. On the way both of them identified their strengths and what they are really good at and mastered that ONE strategy that is making them huge money in property, and both of them are going to share on that ONE strategy they are good at and also they will share their story and experience at MK Property Meet….

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Maksoom is a full time property investor, she has built 7 Million Pound portfolio from scratch and she achieved financial freedom at the age of 38. She has few of Millionaires who are her joint venture partners.

She is going to share her story and her strategy “To Achive Success Through Joint Venture” with us at MK Property Meet on Monday the 11th July 2011. >> Click Here To Book YOUR Seat Now >>

Sue works closely with Maksoom and is also fulltime property investor and financially free. She loves refurbishments and makes fortune for both herself and her joint venture investors from across the country by adding value to run out properties. She is going to sharing with us her strategy at MK Property Meet on Monday the 11th July 2011

We look forward to see you there.
Suchetha and Sharad