What a wonderful evening with room FULL of vibrant energy. It was great learning from Alex and Caravello and Glenn with wonderful insights and at the end of the evening filled of generous gifts and last but not least energy filled Networking. It really felt like a small festival.

Thanks YOU all for your participation. Remember to look out later this week for great photos and videos from yesterday.

Congratulations to all those who got gifts, and once again thanks to Rajesh for offering such a generous gift.

So what’s happening next month?

From last month’s survey, most of you requested for Ranjan Bhuttacharya to be next guest speaker, we managed to book him for next month on Wednesday the 9th March. So book your place NOW.
>>>> March MK Property Meet Secure YOUR Seat

Ranjan is one of the veteran property investors since 1990, over a period of time he helped and made many Multi Millionaires along the way. One thing I love about Ranjan is that he doesn’t show rosy pictures, and through his experience he honestly shows black and white, and that is really amazing about him.

I look forward to see you there.

Warm Regards,