Susannah Cole on 8th Feb 2016

Susannah Cole is highly respected in the Property Investing Circles. She is a well established property expert who is running a very successful flipping strategy already, with the market place buzzing, and owns a substantial HMO and single let property portfolio.


She started The Good Property Company in 2011, as a kitchen table start-up. In the first four 1/2 years of being full time in property, she and her team have sourced more than 180 properties, all in Bristol, with a value of over £36 million, at a purchase price of £22 million.

Not bad for a start up!

She will share with you how to Create Wealth in Property, covering Buy to Sell, a high cash generating strategy, as well as Raising Private Finance, doing Joint Ventures, Sourcing Deals and Buying and Selling at Auction.

A fantastic speaker who shares her enthusiasm for both property and entrepreneurialism, who is not to be missed!

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