Ranjan Bhattacharya at MKPM Oct 2015

Hello Property investors,

The Summer Budget of 2015 is a complete Game Changer for all UK Property Investors. It’s impact on the UK private rented sector will be gradual but far reaching. Many property investors will find that increases in taxation will render their existing business models unprofitable.

Over the next few years, property investors who bury their heads in the sand and carry on as they have been, will risk being driven out of business.

Those who fully understand the impact of the taxation changes, will be able to restructure their property businesses and adopt new business models to profit from the turmoil ahead.

On 12th October Ranjan Bhattacharya will speak on:

  • The impact of key changes to property taxation and how nearly ALL Property Investors WILL PAY A LOT MORE TAX
  • The planning and Steps You Must Take Now to prepare for the Buy-to-Let Tax Grab so you can survive the next few years
  • The Business Models you Must Adopt to Prosper from these tax changes and profit in the new Buy-to-Let landscape which will emerge

Ranjan has a lot of very important information to impart in this seminar 12th October 2015 in a limited amount of time. So that property investors can get the most out of the seminar, he has produced a FREE 48 page special report to accompany it. Make sure you read it before attending the seminar and bring it with you to make additional notes. The report is free and will tell you all you need to know about the tax changes and the steps you need to take now. Download the report now at www.YourPropertyEmpire.com and reserve your place early for this seminar.


Speaker Profiles

Ranjan BhattacharyaRanjan Bhattacharya is a seasoned property investor and developer who over the last 25 years has built an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial property in London.He is considered to be one of the UK’s leading property experts who is regularly asked for comment by press and media on the property investment market. He is a sought after public speaker, advisor to Channel 4’s Property Ladder and author of the best-selling ‘Build Your Property Empire – Home Study Course’. Ranjan has been a regular speaker at MK Property Meet event ever since it started in Jan 2011.Ranjan bought his first investment property in 1990 having just graduated from University. With no cash of his own, he had no choice but to structure the deal to be no money down purchase. Since then buying income-generating property – with little money down – has been the ‘corner-stone’ of his investment strategy. He continued investing in property through the 1990’s as a ‘side-line’ to his career in the City as a Management Consultant with Accenture.

In 2001, despite loving his day-job, Ranjan quit to setup his property company which focuses on developing residential and commercial property for rental.

Ranjan invests in property in London. London is one of the most fiercely competitive property investment markets in the world and, as such, London tends to be the place where the most innovative investment strategies start out and in time, ripple out across the country. Ranjan freely shares his investment strategies through his website YourPropertyEmpire.com and at property networking events around the country.

The Summer budget of 2015 is a Game Changer for UK Property Investors. Ranjan has produced a FREE 48 page report titled, ‘Summer Budget 2015: The Property Investors SURVIVAL GUIDE’. You can download it for free at YourPropertyEmpire.com.