Doug and Mesud on 8th June

Milton Keynes Property Meet on 8th June

Our speakers on 8th June Doug Ponsford and Mesud Sali

Hello Property Investor,


Doug Ponsford:
My name is Doug Ponsford; I have recently retired as the founder and managing Director of a successful IFA/Mortgage Broking Practice, which I set up back in the late 80’s and is known as Henderson Ponsford & Co, employing a team of 6 Brokers and support staff. Having firmly established myself and my company as a top player within the financial services arena, I turned my attention to purchasing property using creative financing methods which I had discovered whilst working as a specialist Mortgage Broker. This enabled me to Build a substantial property portfolio and set up Move on Now Ltd a company involved in buying, letting, trading and developing property for profit and has resulted in creating a well into six figure net passive income.

I then set up and established a new company known as London Property University together with my business partner and for the past 4 years have dedicated my time to perfecting the cutting edge, niche strategy of Instalment Contracts, this has enabled me to massively grow my property business and substantially increase the number of properties I now control, whilst building a great team of fellow investors and partners around me. Having systemised the business with all legal documentation available at the press of a button, my working partners, students and I are able to transact multiple sales and purchases with ease and in a timely fashion. Having studied most of the world leaders in Personal Development over the past 40 years, practised their teachings and adopted the principles, my experience and coaching methods are unique, results driven and have a track record of achieving top class performance and high levels success. I am eager to share my knowledge and experience with those who are willing, show flair, and have the passion to succeed; I bring with me an excellent mix of in-depth knowledge and skills in the areas of property investing, personal development and business acumen. Utilising creative financing methods with a focus on instalment contracts, an easy to follow and apply personal development plan and award winning business ethics. I look forward to meeting and working with you and wish you the greatest of joy and success in whatever you do.


Mesud Sali:
Mesud set off from his small village in Bulgaria at the tender age of 18 with £825 in his pocket. He paid £800 to Richmond American International University London for a 3 year course on Political Science studies. Left with only £25 he immediately found a part time job at a local restaurant and moved into the staff house provided by them.

He soon discovered that by taking over the management of the house he could make some profit between what the staff paid for accommodation and how much he owner wanted. The result was he lived there free of charge and made more money from rental income than he was from his part time job in the restaurant.

Having caught the property bug he attended many networking meeting and read a number of books on the subject of property investing. He had decided that his education would be property focused and that is exactly what he has achieved by attending training workshops, seminars and mixing with the right people in the right environment.

His early successes where managing multi let properties and generating huge profits from property he didn’t even own. He met with his business partner Doug Ponsford in 2010 and together they started trading and investing in property using instalment contracts as their preferred strategy.

As a founding member and Director of a number of successful property related companies, he provides training and further education to students and mentees via his business, London Property University, specialising in the niche market of Instalment Contracts and cutting edge creative financing methods that have enabled him to achieve multiple property acquisitions.

He is proud to state that many of his students are now successful full time property traders and investors and have found financial freedom from using the techniques Mesud has brought to them.

His mission statement is both admirable and powerful, as he is to create 100 property millionaires before he reaches the age of 30.







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We look forward to see you there

Suchetha and Sharad and MKPM Team