Simon Misiewicz At MK Property Meet on 9th June 2014

Milton Keynes Property Meet on 14th January

Meet the Tax Therapist Simon Misiewicz but he prefer Simon M for ease.

Simon says “I have been a chartered accountant since for 2003 years and a property investor since 2006. During these short years I have bought profit below market value, flipped properties and proud to say that l have not paid any tax in that time.”

What is the talk about – “Tax Therpay”
Tax Therapy, removing the tax disease from your system
Are you pained by paying too much tax?
Does the tax system give you a headache?
I am going to show you a few simple and effective ways to cure your tax disease your tax:

  • Mitigating income tax to boost your Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Setting up you property administration
  • Business mileage claims and keeping track
  • Understanding what costs are allowable
  • Working with trades people, getting quotes to minimise refub costs
  •  Setting up business bank accounts
  •  Capital Allowances
  •  Using Limited Companies

I have used these strategies to ensure that I have not paid any tax on my property investments for the past 6 years. I am going to show you how.
How long does it take you to implement these strategies? Right now.
Make sure you meet Simon at MK Property Meet and ask all your questions around Tax :).