Ranjan Bhattacharya at MK Property on 13th Jan 2014

Hello Property investors,

Ranjan graduated in 1990 with a degree in Computer Science and joined the graduate programme of one the big five Management Consultancy firms. With only a contract of employment in hand he bought his first property with a 100% mortgage immediately after graduating and 6 weeks before even starting work. His first no money down deal.

Ranjan Bhattacharya At Milton Keynes Property Meet on 11th Feb 2013

Today Ranjab is a FULL TIME Property Investor and he made his Killing Profits in Property Auctions and he is going to talk on “Pridictions and Winning Strategies for 2014” on 13th Jan 2014

Throughout the early 1990′s he continued to build a portfolio of cash-flow generating rental properties. (Back then there was no capital appreciation and cash-flow was the only reason for buying property.)
Although he saw the potential of property to achieve financial freedom, Ranjan wasn’t one of those people who hated his day job. In fact, he thoroughly enjoyed his career.

In 1994 he took a break to study for an MBA at the Cranfield School Of Management, and continued after that in Management Consultancy. Looking back, Ranjan firmly believes that he was able to enjoy his career to the full, simply because his income generating property portfolio freed him from fear of job loss or redundancy. However, it soon became obvious that even though Ranjan enjoyed his management consultancy career, property investment provided a far greater financial return for much less effort. He eventually discovered there was actually an opportunity cost of going into work each day!

In 2001, Ranjan decided to become a full-time property investor. He now actively invests in both residential and commercial property. He is also developer and a provider of bridging financing facilities to other developers.

As well as building a property empire, Ranjan enjoys sharing his experiences with others. He is a much sought after speaker at major industry events such as the Property Investors Show and Home Buyers Show, and has spoken to over 10,000 property investors over the years.