Glenn Armstrong Speaking at MK Property Meet on 10th Feb 2014

Milton Keynes Property Meet on 14th January


Glenn Armstrong has gone on to share his knowledge and the methodology of his success with would-be investors in the UK and abroad so that they too can achieve their dream of becoming truly financially free. Over 55 of Glenn’s mentees are now equity millionaires in their own right.

Before becoming a property millionaire Glenn qualified as a mechanical design engineer then left where he was working to set up a mobile video library, which he built up into 15 video shops, and later sold for £1.5million in 1989.

Glenn has also in the past developed a mail order computer game company which within three years was worth over £12million.

It was June 2004 when Glenn turned his entrepreneurial attentions to property. His very first deal showed him that that there was serious money to be made if you knew what you were doing. Glenn’s first deal was well below market value and was a “perfect” deal; he negotiated on a property worth £60k and bought it for £30k renting it back to the owner who still leases off him to this day!