Arsh Ellahi at MK Property Meet on 10th March 2014

Milton Keynes Property Meet on 14th January


Hello Property investors,

How to make money from property without OWNING it… But by simply CONTROLLING it

If you speak to any property investor, they would advise you that the only way to generate high cash flow from your property would be to create a HMO. However, I would disagree! Says Arsh Ellahi

Arsh has a strategy which works nationwide and allows you to maximise the rental return from your single let property, without even needing to own the property. Learn how to create £1000pcm from a normal £400pcm property and how to make your cash flow rocket without needing to convert to a HMO.

With an impressive 100% rent collection record, Arsh will be showing you how you can also achieve this from your portfolio too.

This talk will show you how to build cash flow into your property portfolio to allow you to be far more bullish in your property acquisitions.

Arsh’s journey into property began as he left university and embarked on a career which initial began by taking on his Father’s small property portfolio. This would later develop into an impressive multimillion pound business by Arsh taking a chance on people who were often stigmatised as ‘a landlord’s worst nightmare.’ The analytical approach adopted by Arsh was simple, find a niche is the market and build on it. By tapping into the Benefit sector, Arsh was able to identify the potential growth that this could bring and he started to maximise on this.

The benefit market was a simple system where landlords at the time were being paid direct. It made commercial sense for Arsh to continue accepting DSS, LHA, or simply housing benefit tenants as the rent was recession proof and was securely coming from the council.

Being quizzed about why he preferred to target the benefit market was becoming a regular occurrence for Arsh. For him it was simple. With 85% of the rent guaranteed, there would only be a 15% risk to him as opposed to a 100% risk of non-payment presented by a professional tenant.

Having restructured the family portfolio, there was a huge increase in benefit tenants and the properties were being managed with care and precision. These tenants found maintenance to their property was dealt with quickly which reduced their need to complain and with rent being paid by the council, things were looking promising.

With the success Arsh experienced in managing his father’s portfolio, it was time for him to develop his own. Within a short time frame, he began purchasing properties within the Wolverhampton region which currently generate a high income and can boast an impressive 20-30% yield, within the UK. Not many of Arsh’s competitors can present this form of success.

Arsh now has over 500 tenants all on benefits and can boast a 100% rent collection record and a 98% occupancy rate.

At the young age of 32, there are no signs of slowing down for this entrepreneur. With the recent interest in renting to people on benefits Arsh speaks nationally about ‘The benefits to renting to people on benefits.’ His speeches are down to earth and his presenting style is a relaxed and honest account of his experience.Arsh holds courses monthly where he shares his wealth of experiences to landlords, investors and generally anyone who has an interest in property.