Vanessa Warwick and Nick Tadd at MK Property Meet on 12th Sep

Guest Speaker

Vanessa and Nick at MK Property Meet

Next Networking Event on 12th September

Vanessa Warwick and Nick Tadd


Vanessa Warwick and Nick Tadd are consistently one of the most visible couples in the fast moving world of property investment! This dynamic husband and wife duo are primarily Landlords, engaged with property 24/7/365.

Vanessa and Nick have built a very successful, cash-flow rich portfolio and share their knowledge, experience, and contacts with other investors through their networks “4 Walls and A Ceiling” and the Property Tribes forum (founded February 2009).

Vanessa and Nick started investing in property in 2004. They were both working freelance in TV at the time, Nick as a cameraman and Vanessa as a music Director. The couple share a passion for sailing and recognised that in order to one day own their own boat, they needed to start generating passive income streams to support a sailing lifestyle in the future.

By December 2006, Vanessa and Nick had generated enough positive cash flow from their portfolio to give up their day jobs in TV. They made the commitment to leave behind the world that they knew, and focus their efforts entirely on property. “We’ve never regretted it for a moment”, they say in stereo.

They now have a portfolio of investment properties in excess of £5 million with significant positive cash flow from the rent.

Vanessa will be speaking on how to source a holiday let that has year round occupancy potential.  Due to the economic climate, many people are choosing to holiday at home, meaning that there has been massive growth in U.K. holiday let occupancy.  A cash flow rich holiday let can be a healthy addition to any portfolio, and diversify your inventory thereby spreading risk.

Nick will be speaking on the topic of using technology in your property business, to enhance your efficiency and ultimately save you money!