Feb, Event with Alex and Glenn

Guest Speaker

Mr Glenn Armstrong

Property Network With Glenn Armstrong on 8th Feb 2011

Glenn Armstrong is 50 years old and a property millionaire. His personal portfolio of 192 properties is worth over £30 million, and believe it or not this portfolio was built up from nothing in just 3.5 years!

Before becoming a property millionaire Glenn qualified as a mechanical design engineer then left

where he was working to set up a mobile video library, which he built up into 15 video shops, and later sold for £1.5million in 1989. Glenn has also in the past developed a mail order computer game company which within three years was worth over £12million.

It was June 2004 when Glenn turned his entrepreneurial attentions to property. His very first deal showed him that that there was serious money to be made if you knew what you were doing. Glenn’s first deal was well below market value and was a “perfect” deal; he negotiated on a property worth £60k and bought it for £30k renting it back to the owner who still leases off him to this day!

Guest Speaker

Alex Caravello At MK Property Meet
Mr Alex Caravello

Alex Caravello has been a professional property investor and landlord for last 15 years. As the founding Chairman of the National Landlords Association’s Milton Keynes Branch, Alex has a tremendous wealth of knowledge of property management and landlord issues and has experienced most – if not virtually all – problems faced by landlords!

In his presentation, Alex will guide us through the different stages of his investment career,

sharing his goals, vision and how he followed a structured route to achieving financial freedom before he was even 30! Using humour and practical examples, Alex demonstrates that ‘Financial Freedom Through Property’ is far more achievable than most people believe … you just got to have a plan!
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