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Angela Bryant at Mk Property Meet

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Angela Bryant

Angela Bryant is a full time property investor and she is the author of the book, “The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success”, is based on her experience of building a portfolio of over 80 properties with her husband Dave, worth over £11,500,000, from their first investment property bought in 1995. They started out with nothing and never had a high income or any other special advantages.

Angela got married to Dave in the year1981 when they were still studying their degree.They were granted the tenancy of a property which they were told to sub-let to other students. They continued to do so for years, which helped them financially. Later, buying another property seemed like a natural extension of having lodgers.

After leaving university, they both worked hard and had two jobs each as well as taking lodgers. By working hard and living frugally, they eventually managed to buy their first home in 1984. Ten years after buying our their first home, they had totally paid off the mortgage ,They decided to get another property so they could carry on having a mortgage to pay off – and “lodgers” could live there. So they bought a one bedroom flat to let out by remortgaging their own home and then carried on paying off that mortgage.

Angela began to get seriously interested in making money, as she don’t wanted to go back to work for someone else. After three years, they had more or less paid off the mortgage on their first investment flat and now wanted to move to a bigger home. Angela went to see a mortgage broker and he explained that not only could they afford to move to a bigger house, but they could also remortgage the flat and buy more investment properties. Then she saw the light:

“EUREKA – LEVERAGE! Don’t get rid of mortgages, take on as many and as
much as you can!”
Angela never stopped buying properties after that.Dave gave up his day job in March 2003 to manage and maintain the growing number of properties. Since 2005, Angela have sourced property below market value, analysing property deals and finding creative solutions to produce a win: win situation for both buyer and seller.

On 8th of August she is going to share about her goal and journey to achieving a property portfolio of 100 properties and her experience in the process. She is also going to show some the documents and strategies she follow along with some interesting no line demos.

We look forward to see You all there along with Angela Bryants.

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Venue On 8th August 2011 

National Badminton Center,
Bradwell Road,
Loughton Lodge,
Milton Keynes,
Tel: 01908 268400

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19:00 to 19:30 – Registration and Networking
19:30 to 21:00 – Introduction and Guest Speach
21:00 to 22:00 – Q and A, Networking, Discussion, Support etc.