Maksoom Hussain and Sue Elkington at MK Property Meet on 11 July ’11

Guest Speaker

Maksoom Hussain at Mk Property Meet

July 2011 Milton Keynes Property Networking Event

Maksoom Hussain

Maksoom was born in North West frontier in Pakistan, and came to the U.K. when she was 11. She only had 2 years of schooling before leaving school at the age of 13 1/2 to become a full time carer for the next 8 years to her severely disabled mother. After she was married and her children were small she needed to supplement the family income as her husbands income barley covered the basics.She started looking at various options available to her( which were limited)

She dreamt of being free from financial worries,,of a life of abundance to provide small luxuries for her children and to support elderly relatives.

She didn’t have any money or income coming in but she learned to work with other people on a win win basis to build a property portfolio worth several million pounds and became financially free with in four years.

Today she is seen as an expert in joint ventures,and a deal maker, has many projects on the go,where she buys for investors and she mentors people just starting in property,is the joint hosts of Birmingham property meeting,and was voted the winner of Tycoon master mind alliance where she was awarded a Mercedes sports car,she also sponsers girls school and orphanage in Pakistan,and has the life that she could only dream of.

She will be sharing her story,her experiences of joint ventures,what has worked for her and what didn’t,

How to set up JVs and how anyone can start with nothing and end up where she is in just a few short years.

Guest Speaker

Sue Elkington At MK Property Meet

Sue Elkington

If you can’t find Sue Elkington on any given day at any given time, check one of her likely current refurbishment projects where she is most probably to be found.

Sue bought her first house at the age of just 19 for the princely sum of £6250 and she smiles now when she tells you it took her 2 years to save the £600 deposit, and on taking the keys realised she had saved then bought a complete wreck without knowing it.

That house proved to be the catalyst, which lead Sue unwittingly into a life of property improvement both in the area of structural build and design.

Now, after a career spanning 35 years in the Civil Service, during which her passion for property had to be satisfied part time, Sue works solely in the area of property refurbishment for both herself and joint venturing with investors from across the country.

She runs very successful workshops, during which you just might need your boots on as she likes to get you on site wherever possible, forever hands on and practical.

Her last four refurbishments alone have seen increases in value in the region of £400K.

Her last project for a London investor accrued almost 50K and provided that investor with a 33% return. The project lasted just 4 months and sold to the first prospective buyer to view 20K over the estimated value advised by the selling agent.

Needless to say the investor is keen to invest again, but Sues real passion is for teaching others how to get started themselves and to that end in addition to the workshops she offers people the opportunity to shadow her during a refurbishment project and be fully involved in its completion.

She will happily share her knowledge and experiences with you and hopes to launch others on the path to success through recognising a pearl from a pebble and knowing how to get the best from potential projects which present them selves.