April Networking With Rich and Reena

Guest Speaker

Rich Otton at Mk Property Meet
Mr Rick Otton


Next Networking Event on 12th April

21 years ago, with no cash to invest, Rick Otton bought his first property for just $1. At the time he was living in Dallas, Texas, and they were right in the middle of the savings and loans crisis. The USA banking system had completely collapsed, so getting a mortgage was impossible. 


He had to get creative.

So after studying the “ordinary” process of buying a property – at length – he found some loopholes and created a series of systems strategies and processes which meant literally ANYONE could buy a property without a bank loan, a mortgage, or any cash to invest whatsoever! He was excited about this breakthrough discovery and he successfully bought 76 properties in the 12 months that followed. Rick Otton says, I understand that to most people, that might sound impossible, but let me tell you something…


Most Of What You And I Are Told About Buying Property Is Complete B.S!

We’re told that buying a property has to be a long, drawn out process lasting weeks, or even months. Not true. Think about it…
If it was true, how on earth would I have been able to buy 76 properties in 12 months? Using my “24 hour deal-closing system” – many of my students buy 5-10 properties a year in their spare time – just take a look at some of their stories on this page! We’re also told that we have to invest a lot of CASH when we buy a property.Again, not true. The majority of the 300+ houses I’ve bought have needed just £1 of my own cash to do the deal! Rich also says, Because not only have I bought over 300 properties of my own, but I’ve also trained and mentored some of the world’s most successful investors – many of whom you’ve probably heard of…

Guest Speaker

Reena Malra at MK Property Meet
Reena Malra

Known in the UK as the “Queen of Options”, Reena Malra started her career in property by putting together creative property deals in the USA and UK. And as the star pupil of world-renowned options expert Rick Otton, Reena has rapidly excelled in this lucrative area of property investing. 

Reena has mentored 100’s of investors, novice and experienced on how to buy properties with as little as a £1.   Reena is also the UK mentor for Rick Otton’s “Mentoring Group” which is going from strength to strength. Students are successfully doing residential and commercial deals using advanced creative strategies.

Interviewed several times on Sky TV as a guest speaker giving expert advice on property options and as well as having featured forProperty Investment News magazine explaining the pros and cons of doing options, Reena loves to share her passion with others and is also regularly invited to speak across the UK.

Having used Creative Strategies for several years now to tremendous effect, Reena has built up a significant, multi-million pound portfolio of investment property.  Reena has structured 100’s of deals both for herself and her large group of mentees.  She takes a practical and humanistic approach when putting together her option deals and which is what sets her apart from the masses.