David Bradely At MK Property Meet on 14th Jan 2013

Milton Keynes Property Meet on 14th January


David Bradley is a Leeds-based property entrepreneur and LHA Niche Expert. His is going to share his LHA expertise and talk on “How To Make A Killing Profits Using Simple But Effective Niche LHA Strategies” at MK Property Meet on 14th January 2013.

He has built a high-yielding, sustainable portfolio, consisting of students, young professionals, key workers and LHA lets, all across West Yorkshire, whilst developing a niche knowledge that has enabled him to provide safe and profitable LHA accommodation in a time of massive uncertainty. While the world of housing benefits is in turmoil and many landlord flee this marketplace, David sees great opportunity to strengthen his property portfolio.

David-Bradley At Milton Keynes Property Meet on 14th Jan 2013

In his presentation, David will share why landlords should not flee the marketplace and how a few simple rules, along with the right paperwork, can turn both strong and weak portfolios into high cash flow machines. In David’s own words “The band wagon is going the wrong way, we can make a killing helping potentially homeless families”.

The foundations of David’s business have been built by developing residential property – from university HMO’s through to luxury executive houses – and in his early days he was very ‘hands on’. David has also worked with a national franchise to systemise his own operation for trading property offered to him by motivated sellers. This simple system made David attractive profits, without finance or liability and free from capital gains tax, in a short period of time.