Jonathan Chase at MK Property Meet on 9th July 2012


Hello Property investors,

Jonathan Chase is, “Britain’s leading hypnotist” Mail on Sunday. Best selling author of, “How to make friends with yourself and Influence People” and Developer of the PSI subconscious strength profiling system. He is developing programs for Property Investment gurus like Glenn Armstrong and Gill Fielding and has an Award winning career spanning four decades in the fields of Entertainment, Speaking and Coaching. And is a Holiday let property investor near his home in Devon.
Not bad for a bloke in a wheelchair which he says should be seen as, “A free parking strategy.”

Networking at MK Property Meet
As an Entrepreneur and Property Investor You want to be able to:
* Communicate Effectively and Effortlessly
* Be a Better Negotiator and Presenter
* To Increase Your Wealth
* Adjust Your Mindset
* Enhance Your Experience of Life

Networking at MK Property MeetWell maybe you didn’t think of ethical hypnosis, hypnotic language patterns and the skills of the Hypnotist as a way of achieving that? In case you didn’t, but you believe that a process that you already use to talk yourself out of, and into everything you do, can be used to be influential with others even to just do stuff better, then come along to Milton Keynes Property meet on Monday the 9th of July.
Subconscious expert and inventor of the internationally renowned ‘Svengali System’
Jonathan will be telling you how Hypnotic Language and understanding your subconscious strength with PSI, can lead you to Master Your Mind, Master your life and Think Wealthy.

The Svengali System takes you into deep hypnotic rapport and then shows you how to do the same thing with others. Excellent insights into applied influence.” Kevin Hogan, Author of NYT best seller, ‘The Science of Influence.’ Every entrepreneur comes at some point to the negotiation situation, so Jonathan will demonstrate body reading, suggestion and anchored negotiation. Just imagine the satisfaction and reward of getting what you want by giving other people what they need.

And Jonathan will show you why you should be using these established secrets to get and give more in your life.

PSI is Jonathan’s Primary Strength Indicator, the Only personal profiling system we know of that reveals your Subconscious strength.

“It isn’t about what you do, it is about How and Why you do what you do, and how to do that better,” and on the evening Jonathan will be giving away a Skype PSI 90 minute coaching call worth £1,000. All you will need is the printout of your free results PDF when you go to and follow the link to the PSI profiling.

We look forward to see you there

Suchetha and Sharad