Jim Haliburton at MK Property Meet on 14 May 2012

Network with Susanna at MK Property Meet on 12th April


Hello Property investors,

Jim Haliburton began buying property in 1992 and letting them to students, organising or doing the work on the property himself.
Jim now owns over 86 HMO’s / Multi-Lets with over 500 tenants. The tenants/students all came from the College where Jim worked as a lecturer.

Networking at MK Property MeetOn top of this he has about 20 houses and flats which are let as single-lets plus several development projects in progress.
He keeps on telling himself to stop buying property and consolidate his position,
but anybody in the property business will know how difficult it is to stop buying once you have started.

Networking at MK Property Meet

Jim is expert in
* How easy it is to set up a HMO
* How to triple your income
* Regulations in setting up HMO
* How to select the right property
* How to select the right tenant

On 14th May Jim is going to talk on one of his favourite subject DIY (Do it Yourself) eviction and legal aspects involved in eviction the process.

We look forward to see you there

Suchetha and Sharad