Phil and Nik on March 12th

The Gold & Silver Club

What Nik and Phil don’t know about Gold & Silver is not worth knowing – they are fast becoming recognised as one of the UK’s leading authorities on Gold & Silver Trading and Investing. They are the founders of and professional investors.

In the last 12 months, Nik and Phil have trained hundreds of investors with simple, low risk strategies that take less than 30 minutes a day and make consistent 6-14% [TAX FREE] monthly returns.

Their mission is to educate as many people as they can on the rules of the global financial system to invest with safety, liquidity and maximum capital growth. Nik and Phil have grown a global community of prosperous traders and investors. If they look familiar, it’s because their success has been awarded with global press cover in International Life Magazine and SKY TV as experts on Gold & Silver.

Together Nik and Phil combine professional trading experience and investment psychology to deliver one of the most comprehensive and exclusive Gold & Silver trading and investment coaching programs available.


Phil Carr

Phil Carr at MK Property MeetFinancial Markets Trader, Trainer and Keynote Speaker.

Phil is the co-founder and Head of Trading at The Gold & Silver Club. Phil has trained hundreds of individuals to become independent traders and successfully manage their own investment portfolio.

Phil is responsible for research and development of The Gold & Silvers Clubs trademarked investment strategies that have a proven track record of generating graduates between 6% – 14% ROI per month.

Phil speaks at numerous trading seminars and workshops across the UK sharing his expert knowledge with investors who have a passion and interest in trading Gold & Silver – combined with exclusive membership to one of the world’s fastest growing Commodities Trading Clubs.



Nik Kalsi
Nick Kalsi at MK Property MeetNik is a Commodities Analyst, Trader and Keynote Speaker.
He is an NLP Master Level Practitioner with over 5 years financial markets experience of coaching professional traders internationally for some the world’s top tier hedge funds and investment banks.

Through his journey across the world’s leading trade floors, Nik formed first hand relationships with successful traders – discovering the strategies, mindset and tools that give professional traders the definitive edge to make money in any economy.
Today his knowledge is shared amongst The Gold & Silver Club Trading Community all over the world. Nik speaks at numerous trading and investment seminars. He is also regularly invited to contribute in various financial journals within his respective niche.