Property Investors Christmas Party Dec 2014


Milton Keynes Property Meet on 09th Dec 2013


Hello Property investors,


It is our honor to invite you to attend our Christmas Party at The Silk Road on 9th of December, 2013 at 7pm.

It is Christmas time once again and we cannot let this season pass without seeing you.

It is time to celebrate all the success and hard work gone through in last 12 month with fellow property investors.

On the day you will also get meet and celebrate with many of our past speakers like Vanish, Glenn, Ranjan, Jim Halliburton, Saj, Divian Alex and more


Like last year this year too we will have charity auction and we are raising funds for Willen Hospice. Last year Alex and all the speakers did a great job and helped us to raise nearly £3000.

This year we are aiming to break our own record.


7pm to 7:30pm – Registration and Welcome Drink
7:30 to 8:30pm – Celebrations and Dinner 
8:30pm to 9:30pm – Charity Auction 
9:30pm to 10:30pm – Desert and Networking


The Silk Road
151 Grafton Gate East
Central Milton Keynes
Tel: 01908 200522


£20.97 per person (Online Booking)
On the door: £30 (Only if seats available)


We look forward to see you there
Suchetha and Sharad and MKPM Team


MK Property Meet Charity Event


Milton Keynes Property Meet on 14th January


Hello Property investors,

Thank You All For Amazing Christmas Party


At Milton Keynes


We Want Thank Each One Of You For Your Direct Or Indirect Contribution

To Raise £2316.00

At Charity Auction Which Goes To

Willen Hospice, Milton Road, Willen, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK15 9AB, In 2nd Week of January 2013


BIG Thanks to Alex Caravello (Mk Landlords) Vanish Patel ,Ranjan Bhattacharya and Jim Charles Haliburton for donating their valuable time and cores materials for Charity Auction. 
and Special thanks to all the participants who were present to make the event rich with energy.
Extra thanks to David Mills, George Barker, Sue Hart/ Ian Hart, Perminder Bhara, 
Vincent PretoriusMonika KubisHenry AustinBilly Gill and Shyam Panchal for donating generously for Willen Hospice. Thanks to amazingly very supportive volunteers, Donna Young for doing all the admin, and Gary Bees from Northampton Property Meet for supporting the Christmas Party MK Property Meet Events.

Can Councils recover overpaid LHA from the landlord?


By Alex Caravello

I recently helped a local MKPLA member challenge the attempted recovery of overpaid LHA that had been paid directly to the landlord and I wanted to share his experience.

Most Local Authority Housing Benefit staff will automatically attempt to recover overpaid LHA from the landlord, if the landlord receives direct payment. This is because, until 2006 that was the correct procedure. However, the law changed in 2006 to clarify the position of the landlord and his rights to appeal overpayment recovery.

Since 2006, Councils must consider whether the landlord was aware of their tenant’s situation and whether the landlord colluded with the claimant, or otherwise acted in such a way as to contribute to the period, or amount of overpayment. If not, then the landlord is not responsible for the overpayment and cannot legally be held responsible for the overpayment recovery. In these cases, the Council must recover the overpayment from the claimant, not from the landlord.

For example, if your tenant is unemployed and receives LHA, but then subsequently gets a job that affects their entitlement to LHA without your knowledge, you as the landlord cannot be held responsible for the recovery of any overpayments you received as a result of your tenant’s failure to disclose this information to the Benefits Service.

The Housing Benefit Regulations 2006, Part 13, Section 101(2) states that, where the overpayment arose as a consequence of a misrepresentation, or failure to disclose a material fact by, or on behalf of the claimant, the recovery should take place from the person who misrepresented or failed to disclose that material fact.

You can read more of this Regulation here >>

This point was further clarified in the case of The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions v Chiltern District Council.

If you have a similar problem and are asked to pay back an overpayment that you feel you should not be responsible for, I suggest you contact the Council and make them aware of this Regulation.

Nick and Phill from Gold and Silver Club at MK Property Meet

How to Trade Gold & Silver To Generate A Monthly Passive Income of 6 – 14% TAX FREE – By Nick an Phill


The Gold & Silver Club
Together Nik and Phil combine professional trading knowledge and Investment Psychology to deliver one of the most complete and comprehensive Gold & Silver trading and investment coaching programs available.
They have developed a community of prosperous traders and their success has been awarded with global press cover in International Life Magazine and SKY TV as expert panellist on Gold & Silver.
Phil and Nik speak at numerous trading and investing seminars across the UK and are fast becoming recognised as one of the UK’s leading authorities on Gold & Silver.


Phil Carr

Phil Carr at MK Property MeetFinancial Markets Trader, Trainer and Keynote Speaker.

Phil is the co-founder and Head of Trading at The Gold & Silver Club. Phil has trained hundreds of individuals to become independent traders and successfully manage their own investment portfolio.

Phil is responsible for research and development of The Gold & Silvers Clubs trademarked investment strategies that have a proven track record of generating graduates between 6% – 14% ROI per month.

Phil speaks at numerous trading seminars and workshops across the UK sharing his expert knowledge with investors who have a passion and interest in trading Gold & Silver – combined with exclusive membership to one of the world’s fastest growing Commodities Trading Clubs.



Nik Kalsi
Nick Kalsi at MK Property MeetNik is a Commodities Analyst, Trader and Keynote Speaker.
He is an NLP Master Level Practitioner with over 5 years financial markets experience of coaching professional traders internationally for some the world’s top tier hedge funds and investment banks.

Through his journey across the world’s leading trade floors, Nik formed first hand relationships with successful traders – discovering the strategies, mindset and tools that give professional traders the definitive edge to make money in any economy.
Today his knowledge is shared amongst The Gold & Silver Club Trading Community all over the world. Nik speaks at numerous trading and investment seminars. He is also regularly invited to contribute in various financial journals within his respective niche.



Andy Phillips on 17th October at MK Property Meet and Special offer


Milton Keynes Property Meet

8th August 2011 – Network with Angela Bryant at MK Property Meet


Milton Keynes Property Meet

Dear Property investors,

Angela Bryant is one of the highly successful and high net worth property investor in UK, she is going to share her inspirational property success story on 8th August at Milton Keynes Property Meet and she is also talking on strategies to “Growing a Portfolio of 100 Properties” and what worked and what didn’t work while she grow her £11 Million portfolio.

Did You book your seat to be part of this exiting event? Click Here Book Your Seat Now >>

We look forward to see you there,
Suchetha and Sharad

11th July 2011 Networking with Maksoom Hussain and Sue Elkington


Dear All,

Let us meet at MK Property Meet on 11th July to network with fellow property investors and learn from their success stories. This time we have two speakers Maksoom Hussain and Sue Elkington who are very successful property investors but they may not be very famous.

As I know Maksoom and Sue did face every odd that anyone could face in property investment market and finally they were successful due to their determination and persistence. On the way both of them identified their strengths and what they are really good at and mastered that ONE strategy that is making them huge money in property, and both of them are going to share on that ONE strategy they are good at and also they will share their story and experience at MK Property Meet….

>> Click Here To Book YOUR Seat Now >>

Maksoom is a full time property investor, she has built 7 Million Pound portfolio from scratch and she achieved financial freedom at the age of 38. She has few of Millionaires who are her joint venture partners.

She is going to share her story and her strategy “To Achive Success Through Joint Venture” with us at MK Property Meet on Monday the 11th July 2011. >> Click Here To Book YOUR Seat Now >>

Sue works closely with Maksoom and is also fulltime property investor and financially free. She loves refurbishments and makes fortune for both herself and her joint venture investors from across the country by adding value to run out properties. She is going to sharing with us her strategy at MK Property Meet on Monday the 11th July 2011

We look forward to see you there.
Suchetha and Sharad

13th June Networking With Ian Lawson and David Duckworth


Dear all,

Thanks you very much for your active participation in the role play, and thank you all for your kind words and wonderful feedback.

Also Thanks to Matthew Moody and Peter Hogan for their contribution and valuable content.

Next event is on 13th June with Ian Lawson and David Duckworth, Click here to know more about them >>

To Book YOUR Seat Click Here.

As our focus is completely on Networking and to add value so that we all learn from each other and grow together, we always look for your feed back. Feel free to drop an email if you have free back or suggestions.

Once again Thanks YOU all for your active participation and thanks to the team members who help us to to put it together.

Suchetha and Sharad

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Thank YOU and Next Event With Matthew Moody On 11th May


Dear all,

Thanks you all for another FULL house and vibrant networking event. It was great learning from experts like Rick Otton and Reena Malra with wonderful insights and the active participation of each one of you, along with energy filled Networking.

This energy will keep us working hard to create next event better.

BTW Next event is on 11th May with Matthew Moody, Sharing his experience on “The Truth About Property Investing”. Click Here To Book YOUR Seat Here.

As our focus is completely on Networking and to add value so that we all learn from each other and grow together, we always look for your feed back. Feel free to drop an email if you have free back or suggestions.

Last but not least we want to thank our great team of volunteers who always come 1hr early and help us to make sure that YOU are taken care of and to make this event a success.

Thanks YOU all for your participation. Remember to look out later this week for photos and videos from yesterday and details about the next event.

Suchetha and Sharad

Guru of Gurus – Rick Otton in MK with Reena on 12th April


Dear all,

I have a Good and Bad News……

OK, Good News First:

Rick Otton the Guru of £1 property is coming to Milton Keynes Property Meet on 12th April, all the way from Australia, to share important nuggets on Lease Options and Installment Contracts to all of us, so don’t miss out and book your tickets now as they are selling like Hot Cakes!!!

Learn How To:
• Buy property risk free without getting a bank loan.
• Make money now in today’s changing property market.
• See proof with a live case study on buying property without a bank.
• Do multiple property transactions without being held back by a bank.

Bad News:
We have limited seats and can’t accommodate all the property investors in UK. Last three MK Property Meet Events were SOLD OUT. Don’t miss out To Book Your Seat Now Click Here >> Event Details.

We look forward to see You there.

Suchetha and Sharad.

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