Milton Keynes Property Meet

Hello Property investors,

Welcome to MKPM website. Kevin Wright is the speaker at MK Property Meet on Tuesday, 14th November 2017.

Knowing how to buy fast from motivated sellers has always been must-have knowledge but, in 2018, it will be THE difference between an alright year and a stupendous year.
The big thing happening right now in property finance is ‘portfolio landlords’. The mortgage regulators directive that is now bogging down any investor with more than 3 properties in a bundle of red tape. Expect your mortgage to take 3-6 months to process because mortgage lenders are now required to assess your solvency, robustness and profitability as a business not just whether the rent more than covers the mortgage. If you own 3 or properties (and that’s individually, jointly, in a Ltd Co) there’s no way round it, you are a portfolio landlord.


The investor that can buy without needing a mortgage will be a prized asset among estate agents and vendors alike and there is every reason that you can be that investor. Kevin will share how buying without needing a mortgage is far simpler than you imagine and no, you don’t need a bulging bank balance to do so. He has been teaching investors how to do this for years.

If you are like most investors, you will agree cash buyers usually get the best deals. They negotiate harder, complete faster and make bigger profits. Building a large six figure bank balance can often take several years before you can be that cash buyer. What if you knew how to shrink that process from several years down to just a matter of days? Did you know that you can think, act, negotiate and profit like a cash buyer – without having to have a huge six figure bank balance?





You can:

  • Buy properties the mortgage lenders won’t touch and mortgage buyers can’t buy
  • Minimise the deposit you put down and maximise the speed at which you get it back out – learn how to borrow 90%-95% when you buy intelligently
  • Become a Go-To investor with agents and sellers
  • Confidently complete in 28 days or less and be bold enough to tell agents and sellers you can do just that
  • It’s possible to play, right now, a much bigger property game than you believe you can. Just learn, then apply the learning – the world loves action takers.

Can you afford to miss discovering the secrets that Ninja Investors know?

We look forward to seeing you

Suchetha, Sharad and MKPM Team

19:00 to 19:30 – Registration and Networking
19:30 to 20:30 –  Dinner & Networking
20:30 to 21:30 – Presentation from Kevin Wright 
21:30pm to 22:30 – Q&A and Networking
The Casino MK
602, Marlborough Gate,
Milton Keynes
Tel : 01908 237 776

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What You Get On 14th November 2017 PRICE BUY NOW!
  • Opportunity to meet like minded people and Networking
  • Dinner & Presentation from Kevin Wright
  • Informal friendly networking and business opportunity